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Food hacks to reduce appetite or hunger

It seems like everyone gets more hungry as the day goes on. Especially when it comes to the afternoon or night evenings where we continuously binge. We wonder what in our diet is causing us to eat more and more in the day instead of a more balanced structured diet. There are many factors to this that I can point out in this article, but instead of pointing out the multiple mistakes you made I want to point towards solutions. So in this article I will list these food hacks to help reduce or fill your appetite.

1. Eating a medium to high amount of protein in your diet

Of all the macronutrients in food which are fats, carbs, and protein the macronutrient protein is the most important in reducing hunger. Why does protein reduce hunger more than the other two you ask? Protein helps regulate your hunger hormones better than the other two macronutrients which is the hormone ghrelin and boosts levels of peptide yy the hormone that makes you full according to the website According to the graph below by a website that specializes in the science of body metamorphosis. A high protein diet mixed with carbohydrates leads to more calories being burned.Protein is key to feeling full and hitting your calorie goals.

2. Not skipping meals

This is a simple yet effective strategy in reducing your hunger. Skipping your meals can lead to overeating, a loss of metabolism, and might even affect your mood. This information comes from a medical review website with millions of viewers and peer reviewed research. I suggest if you are working early or cannot make a pre made meal for that day that is full of high protein.

3. Hydration

Hydrating is one of the most critical ways of suppressing your appetite. According, to the Mayo Clinic you should be drinking about at least 3.7 liters which is about 15.5 cups of water a day. 2.7 liters or 11.5 cups of water. The more water you drink the more signals your brain gets to be full. Drinking water with your meal also helps to.

Conclusion:To summarize in order to reduce appetite or hunger you must eat a moderate or high amount of protein per pound of your bodyweight, hydrate a plenty around 3.7 liters, and not skip meals which I recommend your meals be lower calorie dense with high protein macros to make you full. In order to find out what calories you need to eat you can find a macros calculator that if you type in your information can give you an idea of how many calories you should be eating. In order to lose fat you need to be in a caloric deficit which can be cutting around 300- 500 calories of your maintenance. This link to a macro calculator is a good building block. Citations down below along with product links.


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