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My experience with the carnivore diet

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The carnivore diet an interesting lifestyle diet that has taken hold of the mainstream fitness community is indeed in my opinion very helpful. I have been on the carnivore diet for about a month now started on oct 11th and my body has experienced more effective muscle development on the arms and chest area. For mental capabilities I feel my brain is less clogged up most of the time. I also feel less tired due to eating high protein foods such as steak and eggs which contain important nutrients like vitamin b6 and vitamin b12. Vitamins like these and lets say iron or zinc are essential for developing healthy bones and muscle function. If you are also working for weight loss the carnivore diet is perfect for eliminating other sugary and unhealthy food from your diet as essentially you only eat meat or certain foods that come from animals such as milk. Make sure not to make the mistake of being addicted to these sugary based foods such as milk as it could hurt you in a weight loss journey if you drink 3 glasses or more along with your steak dinner. My recommendation is for the carnivore diet is to eat about two meals for the day lunch and dinner or breakfast and dinner. I recommend fasting after so your body has enough space not to fill in the morning while you weigh yourself try fasting 13-14 hours. Also be wary of the carnivore diet flu which usually happens the first two or three weeks depending on your body understanding your switched diet. I also recommend coming up with different diverse meal plans as sometimes you might get tired of eating steak or eggs switch it up into that case to pork or chicken make sure to be satisfied and not bored of the diet. Anyway I highly recommend this diet as it has benefits of weight loss, testosterone boosting, and fewer digestive problems according to sites like with a link to an article below.

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