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Health and Fitness Reflections from the past year and new goals


Happy new year it has been a minute since i have made a blog post. What I have learned this past year especially when it comes to health and fitness has definitely impacted my life much more. Here are some health and fitness reflection I have learned in 2023

  1. Fitness goals start with habits. Bad health habits come from unpreparedness and blind confidence.

  2. Sleep is crucial day in and day out for training and muscle goals at least 6-8 hours. i would say 7 is my sweet spot

  3. Delay your Caffeine at least 60-90 mins before waking up. Make sure to hydrate. This will help the midday fog

  4. Completely avoid or moderate alcohol consumption. I completely avoid alcohol when after im training and usually will drink on days I dont if its a party. Alcohol will mess with sleep on most days and there is no benefit while training.

  5. Count calories and macros especially as a beginner. Managing a calorie deficit is essential to losing weight no matter what diet your on whether it be keto, anabolic, etc.

  6. Pick a diet that you like and can be flexible with. Try not to demonize or limit a food. There are good healthy food swaps for anything. You can still eat your favorite foods just made healthier like ice cream, pancakes, or cake.

  7. Have movement daily in your life. Whether it be walking, running, or cycling. Now cardio when it comes to fat loss isn't very good compared to weight lifting, however it can help with stress, cardiovascular health and is a good

  8. Be consistent with weight training at least 3 days a week is enough for growth

  9. Meal prep is crucial to those days where you dont feel like cooking and if you are busy in the mornings.

  10. Finally electrolytes are great for hydration after a workout. Avoid high sugar electrolyte drinks. Salt and the potassium dosage are key

These new lessons I will take with me in 2024. My new goal is to gain more muscle and burn a bit of fat before the summer.m

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