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Fitness youtubers and Influencers you should check out

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Fitness youtubers
Fitness youtubers

I wanted to share my favorite influencers from YouTube and rank content, tips, and overall uniqueness of their channels here is my list.

Picture Fit

Picture Fit is a fitness youtuber who discusses topics related to nutrition, physique such as building muscle, and use of supplements with effects. He brings in peer reviewed scientific data along with disputing various fitness myths. He has quite a following at 1 million subscribers. Here is a link to his channel.

Gravity Transformations

Gravity Transformations is a fitness youtuber that goes through similar topics as Picture Fit in my opinion though he is a lot more through and detailed. He deals with fat loss, building muscle, and even topics like intermittent fasting and its benefits. He has entire diet plans free of charge for his subscribers to use another plus. His videos are highly detailed and full of peer reviewed research for people to enjoy. He currently sits at 3.13 million subscribers. Here is the link to his channel.

Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is the most unique youtuber on this list as I believe he is the most credible youtuber when it comes to diet and strength training. Jeff Nippard is a natural pro bodybuilder whose YouTube channel specializes in diets such as bulking or shredding and of overall the steps of strength training which he goes through. He has many published e books going in depth with these topics. He has over 2 million subscribers

here is a link

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